B2 Tirreno 110

B2 Tirreno 90

B2 Tirreno 105

The B2 series is a compromise between those who demand high power with reduced size.

B2 Tirreno 90

A short, light and devastating weapon. It comes with an 8mm shaft and thanks to its compactness is the best choice for the pro-fisherman that fishes big fish in conditions of reduced visibility: lightness, power and precision.

B2 Tirreno 105-110

They are equipped with shafts ranging from 105 to 110 mm. They are excellent when used around reefs and when waiting for pelagic. The extreme accuracy comes together with the incredible power delivered when the shaft hits the prey. Easy to use, this series of guns are also very lightweight and accurate. Only Briante can guarantee this performance.

The B2 Tirreno series is the right choice for those who seek an extremely powerful speargun, with reduced size for easy use, that is capable of shooting high caliber shafts.

It results is neutrally balanced when used in the sea.

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